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Liquid Damage device Disclaimer – L.D.D.D

Liquid Damage device Disclaimer – L.D.D.D

NZFix is not giving any WARRANTY on liquid damage repairs due to the nature of repair.

The quoted amount will be depend on the physical damage to the phone, as in some cases of liquid damage we need to replace parts like display,  touch, ringer and etc.

There is an inspection fee charge due to the fact that liquid damaged phones require a fair bit of time to diagnose, we will only charge the initial quote price of the phone when it leaves the centre regarding that the phone is fully working. The inspection fee is not an additional cost but is deducted from the total repair cost price if paid when phone is submitted.

Some liquid damaged phones appear to be working; this is due to corrosion within the Integrated Circuits (ICs) shorting together allowing an electrical current to run. This allows the phone to switch on, however it can sometimes be a short circuit, and when the technician cleans and flushes the phone it removes the short circuit, and may result in the phone no longer powering up.

It is one of the most common problems that can occur when repairing water damaged phones. Sometimes just attempting to repair the phone CAN TERMINATE IT, this is due to internal corrosion and not a procedural fault. Mobile phone manufacturers WILL NOT touch a liquid damaged phone because of the failure rates in repair.

Please DO NOT BLAME NZFix if your water damage phone fails during the repairmen process. We cannot be held responsible for what happens when we take part in repairing water damaged phones.

NZFix cannot be held liable for any hardware/software failures undertaken. Although we do not know what has happened to a phone prior to submission, we regret to inform customer that we hold no liability problems outside the repaired job done. We only hold responsibility relating to the repaired job carried out e.g. customer cannot blame NZFix for physical damage, unknown liquid damage or any unknown software issues that are caused unexpectedly by the customer – NZFix is only liable for the parts and repair job completed.

By signing the Service Request Form for our liquid damage phone service, the Customer had agreed to the disclaimers stated above; will therefore automatically indemnify NZFix, the management & any of its staff against any liabilities, monetary claims at this material.